Colgate Has a Successful Weekend at HWS!

On the weekend of October 25-27, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY to compete in the annual HWS Fall Classic.

The teams of Rachel Neal ’16 and Curt Mahoney ’14, Javed Narejo ’14 and Anindya Guha ’15, and Michael Chavinda ’17 and Takreem Siddiqui ’14 competed in the tournament. Melissa Haller ’16 and Anna Proios ’16 attended as judges. 

Colgate Debate at HWS!

The teams had the opportunity to debate exciting topics regarding vigilantism, the National Security Administration, non-reconstructive cosmetic surgery, the targeting of human shields in warfare, and subsidizing newspapers.

We broke at HWS!

After five preliminary rounds of debate, the teams of Rachel and Curt and Michael and Takreem had enough points to compete in the semi-final! They debated the motion “This house would all violent criminals to choose to undergo the Ludovico technique in exchange for a significantly reduced sentence.” After a spirited and challenging round, neither team moved on to the final. However, both teams gained valuable experience and had a really fun debate! Michael also won the second place novice speaker award! Additionally, Melissa broke as a judge, and judged in both the novice final and the final round of the tournament. Overall, all teams and judges did an excellent job at HWS. Great job, Colgate!


Colgate Debate Travels to Canada to Compete in the North American Universities Debate Competition!

On the weekend of October 18-20, the debate team traveled to Toronto, Ontario to compete at a debate tournament at the University of Toronto.

Colgate brought three teams and one judge to the tournament. The teams consisted of Melissa Haller ’16 and Emily Luba ’16, Julia O’Neil ’16 and Ieva Steponviciute ’17, and Rachel Neal ’16 and Bryan Dewan ’17. Ben Rangler ’15 attended the tournament as a judge.

Colgate Debate at the banquet on Saturday night

The teams had the opportunity to debate interesting and exciting topics such as whether all criminal defendants should use a government provided lawyer, if the state should withhold funding from indigenous councils and bands that do not have democratic government, if the posting of female diplomats to countries with poor women’s rights records should be aggressively pursued, if Pakistan should pursue peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban, and if developing countries should be granted the right  to host international sporting events.

Colgate visits Niagara Falls!

Although no Colgate students made it beyond preliminary rounds, the team had an amazing experience at the tournament. The opportunity to debate with high-quality competition from the United States and Canada, to work with some of the best judges in North America, and to explore the city of Toronto as well as Niagara Falls made the trip worthwhile for all who attended.

Colgate Takes on Tough Competition at Yale!

On the weekend of October 4-5, the Colgate debate team traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to participate in the Yale IV debate tournament. Colgate brought five teams and four judges.

The teams consisted of Julia O’Neil ’16 and Maddie Allen ’16, Lorelai Avram ’16 and Michael Chavinda ’17, Anna Proios ’16 and Curt Mahoney ’14, Matt Reed ’17 and Adam Buys ’17, and Kevin Costello ’16 and Antoinette Nwabunnia ’17. Emily Luba ’16, Vaso Papadopoulou ’16, Maria Chen ’17, and Xi Chun ’16 participated as judges.

Emily, Maddie, and Kevin Explore New Haven!

Colgate participated in five rounds of debate, in which topics such as encouraging history teachers to overemphasize contributions of marginalized groups, allowing torture for certain criminal offenses, encouraging Islamic oil exporting states to place embargoes on states who discriminate against Muslims, requiring low wage employees to unionize, and supporting the overthrow of democratically elected authoritarian heads of state were discussed.

Adam, Matt, and Maddie between rounds

Lorelai and Anna!

Yale is the largest, most competitive tournament that Colgate has competed in this year. Even though no awards were won, Colgate’s teams had the opportunity to work with some of the best judges and debaters across the nation, and everyone had a great experience participating in the rounds.

Another Successful Weekend as Colgate Travels to Rochester!

During the weekend of September 27-29, 10 Colgate students traveled to compete in the Brad Smith Debate Tournament at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.

Colgate brought four teams, which consisted of Maddie Allen ’16 and Julia O’neil ’16Kevin Costello ’16 and Rachel Neal ’16, Melissa Haller ’16 and Emily Luba ’16, and Michael Chavinda ’17 and Daniel Messner ’17. Colgate also brought Antoinette Nwabunnia ’17 and Johnny Li Jiang as judges.
The Colgate Team
Most of the successful Colgate team poses for a photo!

Exciting topics such as eliminating private school, not allowing revolutionary leaders to run for public office, lowering income taxes for women, allowing the United States to unilaterally lead a global attack against aliens, and banning parents from teaching religion to their young children were debated over the course of the weekend.

After six rounds of preliminary debates, Maddie Allen  and Julia O’neil and Michael Chavinda and Daniel Messner had enough points to break into the quarter final round! Both teams performed well with the motion, “This house regrets the Arab Spring,” but only Michael Chavinda and Daniel Messner moved on to the semi-final. They had the opportunity to debate the merits of setting a maximum wage. Although no Colgate teams made it to the final, the team fared well as a whole, and brought home many awards. Rachel Neal was the 8th best novice speaker, and Michael Chavinda and Daniel Messner tied for the third place novice speaker award!

Novice Awards!
Our successful novice speakers!

Congratulations, Colgate!